We optimize operations in complex healthcare environments.

Cara Cook Consulting is a boutique firm specializing in healthcare operations optimization. We are a seasoned team of industrial engineers and healthcare executives with years of experience successfully driving results for large healthcare organizations. Committed to understanding your culture and operations, we work to curate solutions that consider the unique attributes of your organization. 

We understand that each organization’s history creates an ecosystem that requires detailed consideration when designing improvement plans. When conducting direct observations and interviews, we connect with staff personally to build trust and engagement. Tailoring our approach to each audience facilitates our understanding of day-to-day processes and inspires custom solutions that are sustainable for your team. In our experience, engaging front line staff in the solution with this grassroots approach facilitates impressive sustainable results.

Our goal is to create approachable solutions that drive results which are sustainable beyond our time with you. Through education, we inspire and empower local department leaders to implement recommended solutions. This approach balances patient care and staff engagement with financial stewardship, as reducing cost while simultaneously improving patient and provider experiences is our absolute passion.

We look forward to understanding your organization’s opportunities and learning more about how our team can support your success in achieving and - more importantly - sustaining your financial goals.